It’s a new year

And it’s been awhile. I can’t say I’m terribly surprised; sticking with a blog/project is something I’ve failed at more than once. But what better time than the new year to acknowledge your failures so you can fail better?

So here are the things I feel I’ve failed at this year:
* Finding a job that provides any level of month-to-month income security or benefits
* Sticking with my fitness routine in a new locale and without my old support system
* Numerous attempts at establishing meaningful romantic relationships

And because I really love a bulleted list, here’s what I’m hoping for in 2015:
* More running and working out and less excuse-making
* More handling my problems and less ignoring them for my own mental peace
* More yoga and less insecurity
* More vegetables and less NYC junk food tourism
* More doing and less thinking about what could go wrong


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