When Life Gets in the Way

When I am aged, and spreading my wisdom to younger generations, I will tell them the following things:

* Work is good for the soul. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re working too much or too hard.
* Be careful sharing the family shortbread recipe. You never know when a friendship or marriage will end, and it is the best shortbread you’ve ever eaten. Before you know it, that massive family secret is going to end up on some cooking show, and then it’s just not as special.
* Be prepared to take care of yourself, whatever that means for you. Your life is your responsibility, and even having another person to support you doesn’t mean you can abdicate that responsibility. Be prepared financially, physically, mentally, etc.
* I stopped being young at 26.

The last one I’ve realized in the last few days. Through Sunday morning, I was totally dedicated to spending the beginning of this year getting back into a fitness routine. So what if I was sore walking up and down the stairs at work and all the push-ups and squats weren’t as easy as they were just six months ago? I was getting back to taking care of myself, and it was worth the struggle.

But while that worked when I was 21, or 25, it’s not working so well now I’m 27. Now, now that I am not young anymore, I get sick overnight, and I have bad reactions to over-the-counter cold medicine that make taking it worse than not taking it.

So the workouts take a backseat for a little bit. And the only food I find particularly appealing (other than soup) is frosted brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts. But I’ll get better, and I’ll get back to it.


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