When I was at yoga (my favorite thing) last night, the teacher had a good little piece of advice for us. After pressing from crescent to warrior 3 directly after crescent twist and several rounds of chair, our legs and bodies were tired. Fatigued. And the teacher could see that, in our grimacing faces, in our shaking legs and torsos, and in our falling. But he told us (I’m paraphrasing), “If you fall, get back up, try again, so you can fall better.” In that spirit, I’m taking some time to reconsider, reexamine, reevaluate, re-everything my resolutions for 2015.

Allow me to preface this by acknowledging that hitting the sickness speedbump not even a week into the year would have been an easy way to give up, and tell myself that the fates, karma, kismet, and the universe writ large were simply not invested in my achieving my goals. But just as I believe that you don’t have to wait for the calendar to turn and January 1st to roll back around to change your habits, I believe that you don’t have to accept a January setback as a delay so insurmountable it can’t be conquered until the following January 1st. So I’m setting a new group of goals for 2015:

1. Get more focused on goals (Hey, something I can check off already!)

2. Focus on career moves. Whether that’s writing more or looking at advancing in my current job, it needs to be present in my regular thoughts, and probably needs to sometimes take precedence over what feel like immediate concerns.

3. Reprioritze fitness. Moving and being unemployed really knocked me out of my routine, and I need a good routine. I know that when I’m fit and healthy, I feel better about everything, but that doesn’t always sink in when the choice is between staying curled up in my blankets for an extra hour vs. running in freezing weather.

4. Get comfortable using technology to improve my productivity and time management. In the words of one of the original iPhone commercials, “There’s an app for that.” Unfortunately, I’m nearly a Luddite compared to many of my peers, and I know there are ways to use the resources that are literally at my fingertips. In good news, I’m writing this post on my phone. Improvement!

5. Get and keep my apartment reasonably clean. I didn’t grow up in a cleaning house, so establishing routines for that doesn’t come easily to me. But given that I work 60-70 hours most weeks plus have about 90 minutes of commute each day, finding time and energy to clean is never an easy task. But I’ve got to do it. It’s gross.

So what about you – three weeks into 2015, how are you feeling about the goals, promises, or resolutions you made in a champagne haze? Good? Bad? Ugly?


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