Getting to the heart of it

Or as I like to call it, artichoking (teehee). Do you ever have a conversation with someone that you think will stay fairly superficial, but ends up getting ridiculously deep and ends up uncovering some tough truths? I had one of those talks (in multiple parts) the other day. I’m not the type to dwell on difficulties; I like to laugh off struggles, or make jokes to cut the tension. It’s a learned family idiosyncrasy.

So when a coworker and I discussed my relationship status (or lack thereof), and the chitchat turned from glib to serious, it wasn’t the easiest place for me to go. We went all the tough directions. Should I date the guy I’m going after right now? If not, who should I be going for? Why do I need to be dating someone, or anyone? Why don’t I have a boyfriend anyway? Why do I hate that question so much? (So many reasons.)

After all that, we hit on a difficult reality that I’d never faced before but have been thinking about a lot for the last 24+ hours. One that I’d joked about before but hadn’t seriously considered til now. Something to think about.

What tough truth do you need to face, or have you already faced?